The Healing CD

Enjoy your journey to peace and health enveloped in a lush environment of beautiful original music, a brief medley of sacred hymns, and some contemporary worship, all creating the perfect atmosphere for singing and the reading of 78 healing passages from scripture by award winning writer and producer Tom Davis.

Need health in spirit, soul, body and emotions? Get it here!

A 24 yr old young man fell 10 feet on his head on cement and broke his neck, crushed his skull in 4 places, crushed his left eye, and they had to remove part of his brain. They said at the time, [he was on life support and in coma], that if he lived he would likely be paralyzed and blind in the left eye and unable to speak because of the portion of the brain that was removed due to skull fragments imbedded in the brain. He left the hospital and the treatment center that followed the hospital completely healed! Completely healed!!! AMEN Praise God AMEN!!! I use your Healing CD’s all the time!!!! Thank you and God bless you!!!